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When You Were Mine

One letter a week. Care packages optional. Adopting a Marine seemed like the perfect extra credit project.

Harper Evans never expected to fall in love with the Marine she adopted. She never expected to meet him in person but a surprise gave her the chance to claim who she wanted. Then life proved it can break your heart a million different ways.

Asher Williams fought for his father and country, but he will fight hardest for the woman that stole his heart. Harper may have changed her mind about the life they planned together, but Asher wants it enough for them both.

Will he still feel that way when he learns it all?


Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez

I'm Gonna Show You Crazy - Bebe Rexha

Try - P!nk

So What - P!nk

Funhouse - P!nk

Sober - P!nk

i hate you, i love you - gnash

Til It Happens to You - Lady Gaga

Jars - Chevelle

Gasoline - Halsey

Final Warning - Skylar Grey

Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

I'm Not the Only One - Sam Smith

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

The Fighter - In This Moment

Larry's Story

When I was still struggling to finish the plot and character back stories of When You Were Mine, a post from my local animal shelter caught my eye. Larry was a ten year old boxer mix that had been surrendered and had been brought in from another shelter. When I first saw his picture it called to me. My only true regret with bringing Larry home is that I didn't do it the day I first saw him. But I hesitated, often going back to look at his picture until we went to visit him about a month later. Once I saw how well he interacted with our dogs and son no one questioned if he would be a good fit for our family. We all knew he would be a perfect fit. Bringing him home felt right. He wasn't even home with us a full day before it felt like he had been with us forever. He gave us his love and affection freely, wanting tummy rubs once he had checked out his new home. I had never had a dog that so quickly adjusted to a new home. Two weeks to the very day we brought him home Larry passed away and even though he was only in our home such a short period of time, I still get teary eyed as I write this.

Losing Larry broke all our hearts. Our dogs moped around, our toddler would often ask about "Leeree". My husband and I both ugly cried.

Dedicating my debut novel to a rescue dog may seem strange, but having Larry in our lives was a moving experience. Life changing. An old dog with a gentle soul and so full of love overlooked for almost a year, Larry truly is the purest example of second chances and unconditional love.

I wanted to share Larry's story because it wasn't easy caring for an elderly dog. Larry had joint and mobility issues. He came with his own doggy pharmacy of needed medications. But bringing him home was right. It felt so right. Losing him was hard, but knowing we gave him two weeks full of treats, rides, and love makes it better.

If you have the time and room, if you want to change the world for animal, consider making a senior pet part of your family. I can't promise you that it will be easy. But it is so worth it