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So today is all about prepping for productivity which really means cleaning and organizing my writing space. (Roxy is preaching to the choir here because my writing space has been a work in progress since we built our house..... five years ago.)

I'm still lacking the door that we were supposed to put up. It took almost four years to get my bookshelf moved from my parents house. Gasp in horror because all the time my babies were left in boxes piled in a closet. The same closet my desk now sits in. It only took me three years to get a desk!

Part of my problem with my office is that I'm not sure what I want. I started this challenge all excited and ready to go because today was the day I was finally committing to what I was going to do. I made a list and drug my husband in to listen to my plans. Then I realized I was going to have to clean, go to the store to pick up a few office organizers, swing by my mom's to pick up my filing cabinets that are still taking up space at her house and everything quickly snowballed from there once I realized I was biting off way more than I was willing to chew.

Notice what's missing??

So I decided to focus on my desk alone. (Yes I know I need to get the rest of my things from mom's house. She's a freaking angel for dealing with me, but then I am a lot like her so there ya go.)

Sometime in the last week I stopped working at my desk. My computer was taking up space on my breakfast bar when I started my task today. I got tired of constantly fighting the endless battle of clutter that seemed to accumulate on my desk.

The manuscript I'm was supposed to edit two months ago, bills that needed to be paid, random mail my husband didn't know what to do with so it got tossed on there. The plans for my Grandma's 80th birthday party (sshhh it's a surprise), the guest list for the bridal shower I hosted over a month ago, and an entire Kroger bag of items that needed to go into the trash.

Once I started digging through the mess I found our new health insurance cards I still hadn't registered (from a month ago!) and once my desk was cleared I was excited to grab my computer.

Notice the big jug of water??

I also took note from yesterday and made sure to fill my bubba keg with water today. It holds 52 oz of water and will keep it cold until I drink it. I love cold water. I know I should drink about two of these to be sure I'm getting enough water. AND I also had breakfast it was half of a chicken bacon ranch wrap left from dinner last night but I didn't skip the meal so I'm putting it into the win category.

With my desk cleared I almost feel ready to tackle the edits I am way behind on.

Sure the space behind me is still a bit of a mess and I honestly hate staring at the white wall of the unpainted closet my desk sits in, but I'm very much in love with my desk. (It was an Easter present from my mom who again is awesome.) So actually getting to see my desk again is inspiring. It also feels unbelievably good. I already feel more productive.


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