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Long Game #cindys7daychallenge Day 4

So today is the easiest of all the challenges for me. Before I had even stalked Roxy's page for today's prompt I was already starting to plan for long term goals. My husband and I sat down last night and set up a three year goal for our finances in terms of savings and debt. (Meaning this means paying off our cars and building a nice savings. Easy peasy.)

A big part of this challenge is being honest with yourself. Whether its from the amount of time I have or money. So when I started journalling and thinking about my long game I came up with two separate goals. One from my personal life and one for my professional life. They both go together so I feel pretty good about them. (We are supposed to pick one goal but both of mine compliment each other so I'm tweaking the rules a bit.)

My first goal is the personal one and it is to get in better health. Breaking this goal into actionable steps was easy because I know that I need to 1) eat better and remember to drink water (I'm still struggling with that one but it's getting better) and 2) I need to stop letting other things stop me from exercising. Scheduling my days out seems like an awesome plan that is going to streamline everything for me and in a perfect world that would happen. But the world is far from perfect and a lot of schedule is still dictated by a 3 year old so things often derail plans. (Yesterday a jar of applesauce created a chain of events that led my cleaning for the day to go undone. Today a missing squirrel cup took part of my morning. But it won't be like this forever so I want to enjoy the little adventures my son asks me to join while I'm still the cool mom he wants to spend time with.)

My second goal is a professional one and that is to publish the three books on the WIP part of my page. Last year I got my debut novel together and published in two months. It was a tight deadline (that lead to mistakes and stress) but I figured once I got the first book out of the way it would just open a flood gate. I planned to put out four more books LAST year on my own because I wanted to build my backlist. (Which is still a goal). If you've browsed my page you will see that didn't happen because I set unrealistic goals for myself which lead to a lot of panic, procrastination and more stress.

At the beginning of this year I decided that this year would be a writing year for me and next year will be for releases. Making that decision eased a lot of the pressure from my shoulders.

Plus it is easy to break this goal down into actionable steps and most of that work is already done for me. I know I need to actually finish three manuscripts (eek). Then edit, revise, get covers, make teasers, and plan for release. Which sounds like a lot. Hell, it is a lot. Each project is already at different stages. I have one of the three manuscripts finished. One has a cover, blurb, and teasers ready to go. Another is almost finished.

Having three projects going at once seems chaotic but it lets me stay productive when I'm blocked in one area. I can jump to another so I keep making progress and usually that is enough to get rid of whatever is blocking me somewhere else. The trick is not to have too many different things going on at once. Which is pretty much my speciality.

I say these goals go together because they do. If I'm feeling shitty, which I have been the last week, my productivity plummets. When that happens I get stressed and it just keeps me in this cycle of not getting anything done and feeling bad .

This challenge is helping me visualize my goals more. Now I'm off to go fold the laundry that's been sitting in the basket for two days...


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