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Finding my why...#CINDYS7DAYCHALLENGE Day 1

Updated: Jul 28, 2018

So if you've read my bio you know I'm a member of the RWA. (If you haven't now you know something new about me.) One of the amazing authors in my chapter is doing a Morning Millionaires challenge. Modified to be a week long instead of an entire month because well life tends to get in the way.

This is were I want to give a shout out to Roxy Mews because without her writing about Morning Millionaires I wouldn't know it was a thing and I wouldn't be using this time for some inner reflection to fix the jacked up schedule I keep.

My priorities are fairly simple. First I'm a mom, then a wife and daughter. That is how I sum

myself up, but that leaves little room to be just me and even less time to be an author. I know, I know I'm all of those things all the time which is why somedays I feel like I'm being spread too thin. Which is why I occasionally binge eat junk food while pretending to take a shower just to have fifteen minutes of relative peace to try and get my head on straight. Most days I feel like I am flying blind and it isn't a routine that leaves me feeling confident.

Hence the 7 day challenge...

Day One of the challenge is today.

My son stayed overnight with his Mamaw and instead of using that as an excuse to gloriously bask in extra sleep I set an alarm and got up early. Today is a two part challenge:

The first part is finding an hour to set aside for myself EVERYDAY for the next

seven days. I won't lie. I balked at this. An entire of time to myself? Where the hell am I going to squeeze an hour from when sometimes my fifteen minute shower cupcake eating session is more like five minutes that includes the time it takes me to actually shower.

Time is a huge issue for me. I never fill like I have enough of it and when I get a second to relax three days pass and I'm totally out of clean underwear and my husband is eating cereal out of a Tupperware bowl.

But if I'm being honest one hour is the least I could give myself. Am I going to set it at set time everyday? No. That I can't do because the first time my hour is intruded upon I'll pitch the whole thing out of the window because I'll be too lazy to make it work. Today I had a whole two hours to myself in the morning and I did an entire days worth of stuff in that time plus ran errands and picked up (did a load of laundry because I was out of clean everything somehow).

So yea I think this uninterrupted hour thing is going to work out well. (And it's easy to push aside the mom/wife guilt because this isn't a luxury I'm asking for. I can't expect my writing to fully become my career if I don't treat it as one.)

The second part is getting out my journal and writing three pages (everyday). Today's prompt is to find your why. Why do I need to change my routine? This was a lot easier than committing to giving myself an hour everyday.

I know my routine needs to change. It hasn't been working. I'm trying to balance everything but feel more like I'm barely keeping up with any of my responsibilities and I'm not a person that likes to do anything half assed. But I'm also the Queen of Procrastination which means if it's time to edit my house is going to be spotless and dinner is going to be epic. Or conversely my house looks like an episode of hoarders while dinner is frozen pizza and I'm 'working'. (And this could be anything from actually writing words to just wasting a day on Facebook pretending to network while really I'm just looking up funny memes.)

My routine isn't working because I haven't found balance. (Among others).

It isn't working because I know there are goals I want and can achieve but I'm not. I know I need to change tactics and that is what this next week is all about.

Changing my routine. Setting goals. Making progress.


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