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Brain Dump #cindys7daychallenge Day 5

So I'm going to be honest and say I didn't think I was going to make this challenge but day 5 is already here and I've mostly kept up with Roxy. (Have you checked out her page yet? Because she's pretty awesome.)

Yesterday I planned out goals. (Well I already had the goals, but I did make a more solid plan for them which had me feeling fantastic and accomplished)

Today is all about the brain dump. (Should I pause for laughter? I can't be the only one with that sense of humor. Right??) Roxy shared a great video on her page I've got below.

I balked a little today. Serves me right for thinking yesterday was easy. I really did not want to delve into all the crap floating around my brain because there is a lot.

But I did it even though I didn't really want to spend ten minutes listing all the things I needed to get done, because it was just going to make me get all anxious.

It didn't though.

Once I made the list I knocked quite a few things off of it. Small things I just keep putting off knowing that it was going to make me curse myself later. (Like ordering a strapless bra and some new Spanx for a wedding I'm in a few weeks from now.)

The brain dump (hehehe) was actually a stress reliever.

Here is a secret I don't like to admit often. I'm competitive. Like super competitive and not in the good way. I am usually good at keeping myself in check so I'm not an ass. BUT sometimes I unleash my inner she-beast. Today I looked at my list after brain dumping and challenged myself to see what I could do. Surely I could do three or four of the really easy things.

I did. Then I did some more all the while chugging my water while my son watched some cartoons and played with the dogs.

So I'm counting today as a win


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