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So it's day two the 7 day challenge (inspiration credit goes to Roxy Mews)

Today was hard and I wanted very much to skip my me hour. Yesterday was a busy day that had me out late (hosting fun girls night from my cousin getting married next month).

What bride to be doesn't what penis cookies at girls night?

It was a fun night with a few drinks, a lot of laughs, and dick shaped cookies. I mean what bride doesn't need cock and blue ball cookies to go with a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity?? But also I didn't get to bed until WAY after my usual time so when morning rolled around I struggled.

Then the afternoon hit I feel asleep when I was supposed to be picking up the house and getting ready for family photos. Oops!

I skipped breakfast had a lunch on the go while making sure I didn't have any random embarrassing clutter around like my bras hanging from what random place I decided I didn't need to wear a bra inside my own house or dirty underwear. (The puppy likes to chew on underwear and socks so they wind up every wear.) I probably should have posted a picture of that instead of dick cookies but eh. Moving on...

I barely managed to wrangle us all together before the photographer arrived and fingers crossed the session went great! I always love working with her because she has a fabulous personality and makes getting my pictures taken fun. (FYI I usually hate getting my pictures taken). We even managed to take a few new headshots I can't wait to see them.

Once that was over I realized I'd been outside in the sun for almost two hours and hadn't even drank a bottle of water ALL DAY. I felt like crap. And I was tired, hungry, and pretty grumpy. After grabbing an early dinner I cancelled on my bookclub because I was wiped. It wasn't even five o'clock and I felt totally drained. Which if I'm being honest is how I often feel at this point in the day but today even more so than usual.

But nothing was going to change if I didn't start it so I grabbed my computer told my husband it was my hour and here I am.

I promise all the rambling above had a point and here it comes:

Today's challenge is all about being honest about my mine and where it goes as well as what items are truly set in stone.

This weekend alone is proof that I've been over booking myself. Compromising sleep and my health trying to and failing to get everything done in a successful healthy way.

Looking at my planner when I'm honestly tracking everything there is to do makes it easy to see why I feel so crazy. I tell myself all the time I'm going to wing it when it comes to meals. Which is ridiculous considering I take the time to make my son breakfast and lunch everyday.

Why am I skipping meals when I'm already cooking?? I can't come up with the answer to that one.

I do plan dinners out so it's easier to go shopping and takes the guess work out of what's for dinner. Some weeks the menu isn't the greatest. Obviously this was an off week.

I always sacrifice on my sleep. So much that I'm not even sure how much it takes for me to feel rested. I miss getting a restful sleep on a regular basis.

I knew I wasn't making myself or my goals a priority but I didn't know it was this bad until I had it staring me in the face. The worst part? As a stay at home mom my day to day can fluctuate A LOT depending on what comes up. I have chunks of free time there is no reason I'm not making better use of them other than the fact I'm not taking care of myself enough and it leaves me feeling like a mombie (or mom zombie).

It's time for me to stop thinking I will just make everything work and start actually using a schedule to be realistic about my commits. It's always time to realize I'm allowed to have me time without feeling guilty over it.

I'm glad I didn't skip today like I had wanted. I'm glad that my me hour ran over because I feel accomplished as I type this even if I am still a little shocked over how low I priories my basic needs.


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